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Spring 1

7.2.20 This week was the final Forest School sessions for our third wave of children. This means that everyone at school has experienced a six week block of outdoor learning now. After the half term break it will be time to welcome back the first groups for their second block of the year. This week we made fires, toasted marshmallows, popped popcorn, drank hot chocolates, read stories and practiced mindfulness in a variety of ways. There was plenty of time for child-led learning too. We’re looking forward to introducing some tools to Forest School next half term. Watch this space! 🔪🔨🌱🌼🔥

31.1.20 This week we have been getting to know the trees in our Forest School area. One child led another blindfolded to a chosen tree. Trust, empathy and focus were required as one child acted as the eyes for the other. The children used their sense of touch, hearing and smell to explore their tree’s every detail. Then, after being led safely back to the seating circle, they removed their blindfolds and tried to find their tree again, drawing on what they sensed. Other highlights this week have been hunting for bugs, drinking hot juice and spotting early signs of Spring 🌼

24.1.20 Is it just us or has this week flown by?! Probably because it’s been such a full on week in Forest School! The groups have all had plenty of opportunity to achieve and develop their confidence through a range of hands-on learning experiences and challenges. We’re incredibly proud of everyone this week!

17.1.20 This week our Forest School fun has included making shelters, getting creative with clay, mixing mud pies and creating Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures. We were also excited to put up our new canopy this week, so we have some shelter for rainy days ☔️

10.1.20 Happy new year! The first week back has been jam packed with fun and learning in Forest School. We’ve been designing woodland games, creating journey sticks, building shelters and making beautiful nature crowns. I wonder what next week will bring...

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