P.E & School Sports

For all pupils at Altrincham C.E. Aided Primary School to experience world class excellent physical education (PE), school sport and physical activity that will lead to lifelong participation.

This strategy will aim to:



Improve health and well being


Provide high quality opportunities and outcomes


Assist each individual to be the best they can be


Encourage community involvement and responsibility


Promote lifelong learning, active participation and competition


Raise achievement and support excellence.


Create a lasting legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

PE and sport have an important role to play in raising standards and narrowing the achievement gap. PE and sport are at the heart of a broad and balanced curriculum improving attendance, behaviour and attainment. PE and sport build self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills. PE and sport are also important because they can help build an inclusive society, raise levels of participation in sport and promotes healthy lifestyles.

At Altrincham C. E. Aided Primary School we feel that the Physical Education and Sport Plan provides the opportunity for all pupils to access a high quality PE and school sport.

We have worked hard to develop our Physical Education through curriculum time and extra-curricular activities.

A wide range of PE is delivered, which aims to engage and inspire all pupils.

Sports taught are wide and varied, both during the school day, and as extra-curricular clubs. Opportunities include lacrosse, netball, hockey, multi skills, table tennis, and handball. In addition, this year golf was introduced to the school; the teachers were trained, and the pupils have enjoyed learning the skills associated with the games.

In addition, funds are used to employ Sports Coaches who work with other partner schools, and this expertise is used across the school to teach pupils from Year R – Year 6 in PE activities ranging from basketball to multi-skills.

The school is planning and developing a Sports Leadership Programme. The year 5 pupils will use this to lead playground sport for Key Stage 1 pupils. This is an engaging project for all pupils.We have developed Assessment pro-forma for all aspects of PE. These are easy to complete documents which allow to easy assessment of pupils and note next steps.

We are keen to develop our staff at Altrincham C. E. Aided Primary School. Regular staff meetings are held where expertise is shared.

As well as regular PE lessons, specific subject days are held. A ‘Healthy Schools Day’ is run annually where parents and the local community are invited to assist us in promoting a healthy life style to the pupils.  Plans include a ‘Sports Relief Day’ where a range of sports activities and intra school sports competitions will be enjoyed by pupils and staff.

The school is keen to provide a wide range of extra-curricular clubs for pupils throughout the year. The majority of these clubs are run by a staff member and sports coaches. Pupils enjoy the opportunity to work with different coaches and have the chance to try new sports such as Lacrosse, Netball, Dancing, Tennis, Football, Multi-skills, Hockey, Cricket, Rounders, Athletics and Baseball. We monitor participation and check uptake against gender, SEN and free school meals. We also enter a wide range of competitions in these sports and in 2012 won the trophy in the Lacrosse National Competition (National Pop Lacrosse Championships 2012). The school hosts the Small School Football League with 10 primary schools participating.

Our school is part of the South Manchester School Sports Partnership supported by a local high school, a group of eight primary schools and two secondary schools, which meet every half term to plan competitions for the children and share good practice. We have found this beneficial as it has given our children the opportunity to participate regularly in Inter-School competitions, and use the wider range of resources which the secondary schools in the cluster are able to offer. There are a wide range of competitions which allow all children to compete; for example, we have recently organised a Football League Competition.


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To work in partnership with parents and churches, to nurture children in the Christian faith, and to provide them with the best possible educational opportunities.

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