Leading Parent Partnership Award

Leading Parent Partnership Award 2014 Reassessment Visit

(LPPA first awarded 8th November 2010)

Commentary on the Mini-portfolio of Evidence

The mini portfolio was organised efficiently and effectively, containing a wide range of evidence to show how the school continues to develop and meet the Objectives and Key Performance Indicators of LPPA.

In particular there is strong evidence to show that:

  • The school specifically plans on an annual basis for LPPA development engaging staff and governors in this process ensuring continual development, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Levels of communication have increased. Parents are very well informed by the school via the website which has been developed further, PTA newsletters and a new phone system. More regular curricular information is sent from classes ensuring parents have the opportunity to engage more actively in learning.
  • The development of a ‘Welcome’ leaflet by the school council to assist pupils entering the school (specifically relevant to those in KS2) understand what to expect is very helpful. This sits well alongside the adapted Prospectus for pupils joining mid-year.
  • The number of joint enrichment events has increased and these include French breakfast and observation of teaching groups.
  • Pupils and their parents in R & KS1 have enhanced home school learning through the development of Our News Your News books and WOW moments.
  • The number of workshops has continued to develop incorporating support for families where English is the second language. The involvement of the Wai Yin groups to assist families who have EAL was innovative and positive. The headteacher continues to take an important lead in these events engaging relevant teachers and teaching assistants as appropriate. These have been supported by the development of curricular booklets and the website. The website has a very positive development focused at parents who are working so have more limited opportunity to engage with activities within school.
  •  To further enhance the value of staff & governor understanding of parental needs and subsequent engagement the school held in 2013 an emotional intelligence training course to enhance understanding of parental dialogue.

Commentary on the tour of the school 

  • The Reception area is bright, attractive, and informative. Visitors are greeted by friendly staff and there is a lot of accessible information for parents in this area. This area also includes information about how parents are engaged in the life of the school and photographs to support this.
  • Display throughout the school is of high quality.
  • The outdoor facilities have been developed further with the addition of play equipment funded by the PTA.
  • Behaviour around the school is good with pupils showing respect for each other and adults.
  • Parents bring pupils to classroom doors specifically in nursery, reception and KS1 and windows are used to give parents information. For example the weekly curricular focus may be shown.

Commentary on discussions with staff, parents and students

Staff discussion illustrated that they were very aware of the differing needs of pupils and it was apparent that every effort was made to ensure all were fully engaged in their learning and included in enrichment opportunities. A successful opportunity for pupils not engaged in sporting activities was discussed which had ensured greater positive involvement.  The value of sharing information with parents and their availability to meet with parents personally were also seen as vital as was communication by phone, email, text and personally at the beginning or end of the day. Access to office staff and class staff was seen as important to ensure parents really felt there was an open door policy.  The emotional intelligence training had given individuals the opportunity to reflect on their practice and gain greater understanding.  The sense of a school community was evident and this was well supported by the PTA as well as parents who as groups organise social activities.  The workshops on literacy, numeracy etc. held in the day & evening supported by the development of booklets (also on the website).

Governors talked of the school community being enhanced by the church with the involvement of 3 parishes. Parents were aware that the 3 ministers were all on the Governing Body so this allowed access to people known to them if discussion was needed.  Governors spoke of the high level of parental involvement in the life of the school giving freely of their time on a regular voluntary basis or for occasional activities such as school matches.  There was evidence of a real interest in getting the views of the parents through questionnaires, individual discussion.  The governing body had a significant membership whose children were attending or had attended the school.

Parents are extremely supportive of the school and pleased with the ever developing communication through contact with class & office staff using a range of channels as well as the website.The PTA was clearly a focus of increasing activities that were accessible to many parents and enhanced the school community.  Although fundraising was a key aspect this was through social events nearly all with a family focus and financially accessible. Several parents spoke of the significant help their children had if they had additional learning needs; they were extremely complimentary about the help the school gave them and their children.  Transition to secondary education is complex in the authority and can change on an annual basis.  Parents spoke of the excellent support provided by staff at school which focused on the needs of their child without undue attention being given to selective school applicants.

Pupils from the school council (KS 2) were keen to be representative of their peers. Their work in highlighting the need for equal access to very popular sports clubs was impressive. There was clear evidence that they talked to their peers about what changes/developments they wanted.  Pupils believed behaviour was good in school with pupils supporting each other including on the playground through the use of a buddy bench. The welfare of all pupils was also evident as KS2 pupils worked and played with those younger than themselves and were proud of this. There was enthusiasm for the range of additional activities offered by the school including sport, music and a residential opportunity.

Strengths Identified In The Review

  • The strong ethos and continued commitment to working in partnership with parents for the benefit of all pupils and their families.
  • Enhanced induction including additional translation and documentation.
  • Excellent regular communication between home and school through a variety of means that adapt to the ongoing development of technology. The integration of all staff for the benefit of the school community where office personnel are always available to support the work of the school.
  • A developing joint enrichment programme including competitions for children and their parents   e.g. table decoration PTA
  • Transition to secondary placements including good liaison with secondary provision.
  • The number of parent & other volunteers in school on a regular basis as well as those who use their expertise for the benefit of pupil knowledge, enhanced curriculum or the school environment.
  • The opportunity for parents to volunteer in school, enhancing their skills so teaching assistants are frequently parents of pupils present or past.

Areas For Development

  • As has occurred over the last three years continue to enhance & maintain parental involvement including:
    • Develop further opportunities for joint parent and child learning activities within the school day.
    • The induction needs between year groups especially transfer between KS 1 & 2
    • Further develop signposting so parents can develop their own learning.

Recommendation by the Adviser

That the school be re-awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award for a period of three years.

Headteacher Comment

I am delighted that we have been awarded the LPPA. We appreciate the fact that this award recognises the importance we place on our relationship with parents/carers. We will move forward with your recommendations over the next few years.

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To work in partnership with parents and churches, to nurture children in the Christian faith, and to provide them with the best possible educational opportunities.

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