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The number of pupils cycling, scooting or walking to school is increasing (15% to a peak of 70%). The enthusiasm of all pupils has been tremendous following a greater awareness of healthy lifestyles, competitions and fun days.

On Friday 02/10/2014, the media (TV Childrens News Round, and local newspapers) visited Altrincham C. E. Aided Primary School.

MP Graham Brady also joined the meeting organised by the school and agreed to champion the initiative of ‘Safe Routes To School’ for all pupils in Altrincham.

The children at Altrincham C E Aided Primary are central to a ‘Safer Routes to School as a right for all children’, following a recent increase in enthusiasm from pupils to cycle, scoot or walk.

The school hopefully along with other Altrincham Schools and support from the community will strive to establish a safe journey to school zone (20 mph before school starts and at 3:00 pm, with signage) in the centre of Altrincham (one square mile). On each school day the census data reports at least 7000 pupils in classrooms in the Altrincham area.

Following a meeting, Graham Brady MP agreed to champion the initiative on behalf of the school.

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