The School offers a wide and varied curriculum. The children are provided with learning activities to meet the requirements of The New National Curriculum.

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Foundation Subjects


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A thematic approach is used to structure activities and experiences. These provide opportunities for the children to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and morally at their individual level.

Great emphasis is placed on using the children’s firsthand experiences to develop attitudes, values and skills that enable them to make a valuable contribution to their own development and those with whom they live. Where it is necessary, separate subject lessons are used to ensure full coverage of the New National Curriculum 2015.

Teachers use their professional judgement to determine the most appropriate teaching method for teaching and learning experiences for the children. Class lessons, group teaching and individual learning activities are included throughout the day.

The school curriculum also includes British Values, Health Education, industry and Enterprise initiatives, Environmental Education, Education for Citizenship, Gender Issues and Multicultural Education.

Activities which foster the child’s spiritual, moral and cultural development are included in the curriculum. The current school policies and New National Curriculum 2015 documents are available to be viewed in school.

A variety of teaching styles are used; children will be taught both individually and as part of large and small groups according to the skills being developed and the content of the lesson.

A personalised learning approach is in place where pupils are supported and work towards targets that are both challenging and extend learning appropriate to their needs and developmental stage.

Curriculum Documents

To work in partnership with parents and churches, to nurture children in the Christian faith, and to provide them with the best possible educational opportunities.

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0161 928 7288